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DIP (Duel In-Line Package)

DIP LEDs are the more traditional diode/indicator-light-looking LEDs containing two connecting pins that are through-hole mounted to PCBs (printed circuit boards). DIP LEDs have higher optical decay, lower CRI, and lower efficacy than the more recent SMD LEDs.

SMD (Surface Mount Device/Diode)

SMD LEDs are rather recent, resilient, efficient, and long lasting technology for mass production. They allow large quantity production and use more often in the latest general purpose LED lighting and display solutions. SMDs do not simply conduct current through the two small pins of the diode as with more tradition DIP technology.

By comparing with DIP products, the advantages of SMD products are as below:

1. Better effect of color mixture: SMD requires higher soldering technology and more mass production procedure than DIP, 3 chips are encapsulated within a small cup which make a much smaller pixel pitch between the 3 chips. So SMD has higher proportion in color, better color mixed effect and also a closer view distance than DIP LED.

2. Due to the chip size of the SMD lamps, it requires low energy to work, which will help to save about 30% than the DIP LED display.

3. SMD has better viewing angle than the DIP.